Hi, I'm Megan.

I'm from the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH and a rising sophomore at Harvard University. I'm studying economics and computer science here, and I'm hoping to pursue a career working on educational accessibility and reform.

Right now, I work as the head of development at Execute Big, a non-profit I co-founded to work toward our belief that every single student should have the opportunity to explore and experience computer science.

My experience as a young girl interested in tech from the Midwest has given me unique insight on barriers to entry in the tech industry, and, along with receiving the Interact Fellowship, Coca-Cola & Taco Bell scholarships, and media coverage, I've been invited to speak about it at NetJets, TEDxMasonHighSchool, TechOlympics, and comSpark in front of audiences of students, educators, and corporate executives alike.

At heart, I care deeply about social issues, leveraging social media, speaking, and writing on my blog to push for change in mental health awareness and cultural diversity.

In my free time, I like petting my cat, Geno, blogging, and making poached eggs.

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