My name is Megan Cui.

I'm a senior at William Mason High School in the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH and an incoming freshman at Harvard University. I plan on pursuing economics, computer science, and literature while I'm there, and I'd like to go into developing legal technology or IP/patent law.

I've done a lot of work when it comes to technology exposure and leadership in my community because I encountered tech by chance through attending a local hackathon my sophomore year. So, I give back by running hackathons with some of my best friends from Hack Club and Mason Hack Club. We've already run Hack Chicago, the Midwest's largest high school hackathon and CincyHacks, Southern Ohio's first high school hackathon.

My experience as a young girl interested in tech from the Midwest has given me unique insight on barriers to entry in the tech industry, and, along with receiving the Interact Fellowship, Coca-Cola Scholarship, and media coverage, I've been invited to speak about it at NetJets, TEDxMasonHighSchool, TechOlympics, and comSpark in front of audiences of students, educators, and corporate executives alike.

At heart, I'm a social activist, leveraging social media, speaking, and writing on my blog to lead change in mental health awareness and cultural diversity.

In my free time, I like petting my cat, Geno, blogging, playing flute, not playing piccolo, browsing r/aww, and public forum debate.

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